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How do I play a competitive game?

You'll have two options to play in the MS Open 2017.  The first is to form your own team of up to 8 players!  You can then apply and have a chance at playing in the tournament. The other option is to join a recruiting team. You can find recruiting teams on the MCL Forums or on the Mineplex Forums.

Confused about what will happen during the game? Not to worry.

Before the game, your Team Leader will be informed by a Tournament Referee about the MPS the game will be hosted in. Connect to the MPS using the /server command. You will be guided through the game by the Referee on scene, though the format of the game may change depending on what stage of the tournament you're in.

After maps have been chosen, you will be asked to click on the appropiate color corresponding to your team, and the game will begin. Once the game ends, a side switch will occur. This means you will click on the opposite colored sheep, then the game will begin again! Once over, the winner will be decided by which team won the most rounds.

Did your game have more than one map? Then you've made it far! Best of 3's do not start until the playoffs, which means your team is one of 8 remaining. This stage is easy to understand -- after the first map is over, another map will be played. This allows more time for a comeback and evens the playing field.

Has your game gone into overtime? There are simple steps to follow:

  1. When the game begins, the Referee will tell one side to "burn". To do this, buy the molotov or incedniary grenade in the buy menu, and throw it at your feet. You will continue doing this for four rounds. The other team will also do this, so the match will start at the 4-4 scoreline. 
  2. After burning for four rounds, you will then play 4 total rounds.
  3. After the remaining four rounds are played, a side-switch will occur.
  4. Teams will burn for another four rounds, bringing the score to 4-4. The game will then continue until a winner is determined.
  5. If the score is still tied after one overtime, another overtime will begin with the same process.